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Get to know Disco —
revolutionary cashback service
Our toolbar extension brings affiliate marketing to a new level.
Find out how your brand can benefit from partnering with Disco.
that attracts customers
We design our software to be the most convenient and attractive browser shopping extension on the market. We identify users' needs and satisfy them, bringing a new level of UX to the affiliate world.
We collaborate closely with our partners to establish a profitable, sustainable relationship. Merchants can promote their special offers and other promotions through our platform.
with merchants ensures win-win partnership
compliant with KYC requirements
All Disco users go through the KYC procedure before the account activation. We monitor fraudulent transactions and identify users with multiple accounts to help merchants feel secure.
Our goal is to deliver a first-class customer service that results in long-lasting and fruitful relationships with shoppers and brands.
satisfaction to develop loyalty
to positive change
We embrace new ideas and enhance the shopping experience for Disco users and affiliate partners.
Browser extension
Our main product is a secure browser extension
that works in all modern web browsers.
Online discounts
We provide users with discounts on all purchases that result from our instant cashback feature. We attract new customers who are more familiar with discounts but are suspicious about cashback.
Bank card
To provide users with discounts, we issue a bank card for each user. It does not affect how merchants receive their payments, as it seamlessly integrates into the shopping routine.
Easy shopping
As we adopt the appearance of the app to correspond to a merchants' style, Disco browser extension enhances the shopping experience and brings you more sales.
Increase click-through rate
We promote brands directly over the search engine results page. Search engine integration assists customers' shopping habits at the very core – it drives additional sales by optimizing the conversion.
Grow market share
To the savvy shoppers looking for the products on the competitor's websites, Disco comparison engine matches the products to your brand's deals. While in the context of shopping, users would move to your brand's offers.
Win people over
With this incentive, the wandering visitors would be committed to buy. When Disco users enter your brand's website they receive a brief notification, indicating that there is an ongoing promotion or a discount available
Hot Deals section
When looking for desired products, users can browse the "Hot Deals" area in the extension. This section includes all the exciting promotions that brands are hosting: sorted by discounts, sales and special offers in relevant shops and categories.
You can contact us at any time
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