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What is Disco?
Disco is a revolutionary shopping assistant that helps you to spend less
Payment option
When you shop at supported shops, Disco extension will add a new payment option that you can use to get a discount.
Browser extension
No need to change the way you shop — buy as usual, you'll see the prices with a discount applied and will simply pay less at the checkout. To start, install our extension.
How it works
Disco extension adds a Disco payment option at your favourite online shops. When you choose it, you pay less.
We partner with Europe's largest online shops to negotiate discount for our users
When you use our extension at supported websites, we give you a discount. Online stores then refund us the amount we gave you. It's a win-win — shops are happy to get new clients, and Disco users pay less.
Use Disco as a payment method at supported stores
When you choose Disco as a payment method and buy something, we automatically charge the card you link to Disco with a discounted amount. In the background, we tell the merchant that you bought with Disco and you should be charged less.
It's totally secure — Disco card uses state-of-the-art Mastercard-compliant financial protocols to proxy your payment
In addition to that, if anyone gets access to your computer they won't be able to withdraw funds or transfer money — Disco can only be used as a payment method at supported merchants.
How to get started
1. Install Disco browser extension
This extension will display prices with a discount at an online shop and will add a Disco payment method at a checkout.
Go to Chrome extension store
2. Sign-up without hassle
To get started, you'll need to tell us your name, email and a phone number.
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3. Link your bank card
Connect your personal bank card to your account to pay with discount at checkout. Information about your bank card is stored on a Mastercard-approved protected server.
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4. Go to one of 100+ largest online shops and try it
Disco lets you save at Europe's most popular websites. And we add new shops every week
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Shop with a discount at over 150 stores
Our users love us
Deborah Lewin
"@Disco, You guys have really helped me save quite a lot even though I don't shop so often"
Samuel McFarlane
"I used to hunt better prices but now I am calmer and I'd say I enjoy shopping more"
Jack Larkins
"I am really thankful to #Disco team as they literally just help me spend less"
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